Friends, I hate to do this to you again but I don’t have a funny today.


Husband is fine.  I’m… physically healthy.  I’m sat right here[1] on the couch beside him watching him get murdered by dinosaurs in pursuit of… other dinosaurs.  It should be a lovely evening but I’ve got a migraine and a tummy full of knots from a full day of crying and drama and more crying.


It was a hell of a weekend and I find all I really want in this crazy fucked-up world is to tell you about it.


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My Botox Story


I’m sitting here with my eyebrows literally sliding down my face, and it’s making it hard to get other things done.  But y’all are my outlet, so here is where I’m going to tell the story of what’s going on with me.  It’s not the usual sort of thing here, I know, but I’ve decided to share it anyway.

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