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I want everyone to know that I’m handling Offspring’s adulthood and life choices with grace and dignity.


(Simpsons) Audience laughing


Oh, shut up.


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Dog Hater is #1


So here’s the thing: JTL believes – because apparently lawyers are still allowed to be optimists?  Who knew? – that the simplest thing will be for him to write a sternly worded letter to The Company, listing the hella illegal things they did and reminding them that the easy way out of this mess is to rehire Husband.  So that’s our first step. 

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Great, Now I Need a TARDIS


I know you want updates after last week’s cliffhanger, and I want to give them to you!  Things on the legal front are progressing in what I assume is the usual fashion for such matters: slowly.  (Legal professionals, back me up here)


Devil Wears Prada "By all means, move at a glacial pace"

Trying so hard not to get sharp with him over it.  Sharp probably costs more.


Things on the financial front are… have you ever seen a mammal that is not biologically designed to swim try to do so?  They don’t drown – at least, not right away – but there’s a lot of scrabbling around and desperate gasping and wide eyes looking for a magical escape route.  That’s me, but on the inside.  On the outside, things are fine, thankyouforasking.


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