M is for Midnight, Manic


A quick one, because my stress level is literally through the roof.


Actually, it’s only through the ceiling—the leak is coming from one of the upstairs bathrooms—but THAT IS THE KIND OF SHIT I CAN’T BE DEALING WITH RIGHT NOW.

(Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Buffy saying, "I'm taking a holiday from dealing; happily vacationing in the land of Not Coping.


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WTB Panda Wallet


Not to get too personal, but my birthday was this month. 


Shalita Grant throws up her arms & cheers "Happy Birthday!"


Nope, too late, you don’t get credit if you already missed it.  Anyway, my birthday—for once—isn’t the point.  The point is for some reason this year I’ve noticed I’m… how shall I put this… getting older


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The Real Me


Being a person who sees the humor in everything, and can laugh at just about any situation, I read a lot of humor—both because I’ll find the funny bits of something that is only incidentally funny and because I seek out the writings of funny people.  Thus I often find myself wondering what it must be like to know them personally; I imagine their spouse must constantly be in stitches, their friends and family must tell everyone that they know just the funniest person alive, etc.

Robin Williams and his animated Disney character, the Genie, smile back to back

Sort of like how kids assumed Robin Williams was basically Genie in real life, minus some of the magic.


This explains why I resisted blogging for so long, and resisted the idea of calling it a humor blog for longer still: in my mind a humor writer was someone who must be dazzling in person, always “on,” entertaining in every moment and aspect of their lives.  The sort of person who couldn’t go for a drink without having an adventure, who would go for a walk and end up in the wrong country.   


You know how it turned out, because you’re here: at the nagging insistence of a few beloved friends, I did the thing and here we are and you know I’m glad.  But… I still worry that I’m not quite in the mold, you know?


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