Priorities crazy motivational poster


It’s incredibly important for married couples to share priorities and values.  Or, so I’m told.  Me, I’m just sort of flinging myself through life and I got lucky enough to find a man who either hangs on or follows behind, patiently scooping up my dropped sunglasses, socks, wallet…

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Insert Pussy Joke


Jumping right in this week, because I’ve got an embarrassing story to tell you (I know, right?) and I’d really like to just get it over with, but I need to fill you in on the earlier stuff, so you can be at least a little bit miffed at Husband with me.


Because if I’ll own up to what happened this weekend, he’s got to take some of the heat off me.  Marriage is a partnership, after all.

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Our Dogs


I’ve given you the horror-tour of wallpapers, but haven’t really properly introduced you to our dogs, have I?


This is probably because you only know us through the internet.  If you were our real-life, in-person friends, it would go more like this:



That’s me with the fabulous hair. Note how you can’t get a word in.


Well, you’re going to read about them today, because I need to vent.  Our current foster dog is something of a trial, and our “real” dogs were already in hot water before he showed up.

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The Driving Issue


By now you’re accustomed to the theme of our mixed marriage.  To recap, he hates musicals and horror and awesome things like that, but can drone on about science fiction and refuse to go fishing with me.  I suck at first person shooters and he cannot stealth in any game, ever.  (Seriously, that practically qualifies as a disability.) 


So I think it’s time to circle back to The List, don’t you?

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Stupid Laundry


Since you’ve never been to my house (I’d have noticed) there’s something you probably don’t know about me.


Okay, several things, actually.  You probably didn’t know that, given only one towel when I get out of the shower, I will dry off my legs and then wrap up my hair and march out of the bathroom, stark nekkid.  But, see, you don’t know that because it’s totally irrelevant to anything I would ever post here.



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