Nerd is a Verb

Nerd – (v) to apply unwelcome logics, such as mathematics or metallurgy

:  to bring to a premature end (as in a conversation) through the use of logics [1]

:  to render useless or unenjoyable through overapplication of such logics [2]

:  to tarnish or taint (as with a moment) with the memory of the overapplication of such logics.

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Long and Random Conversations. Because I Owe You.

You know what I hate?  When I find a blog I love and power through aaaaalll the damned posts only to find that the last one is dated like forever ago, and each of the last few posts includes the line, “sorry it’s been so long, I promise I’m going to start posting more regularly again!”  Liar.

So I’m not going to do that to you.

We’re better than that, you and I.  We have a bond.

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